Take a stroll down memory lane as we Rewind through the last twenty years, and Fast Forward to reflect on the next ten.

Opening Keynotes

Simon Hackett Founder, Internode on key Internet industry milestones of the last 20 years and pontification about some possible future ones.

Michael Malone Founder, iiNet

David Spence Chairman, Vocus Communications on Internet trends for the next 20 years and beyond

Reflecting on 20 years of the ABC online and the future of broadcast TV

Mark Scott Managing Director, ABC

Morning Tea

Room North

Ramin Marzbani on What have we learned about funding?

Paul Rickard founding CEO of CommSec; Director, Switzer Financial Group on disruption in financial services

Moderator: Niki Scevak – Managing Director, Blackbird Ventures

Did we get our long tail?

Room North West

Kirsty Bloore Research Director, Nickelodeon on how kids have consumed digital content over the last 20 years

Bill Gair on 1998 brand Wherever Whenever… how much has changed/Telling Great Stories

Monique Harris Head of Digital Commercial Strategy, Bauer Media on The power that connectivity offers women

Moderator: Cass O’Connor

The intelligence revolution

Room North

Simon Hackett Founder, Internode

Paul McCarthy CEO, Online Gravity Consulting on Why Picasso would love the Internet of Things

John Stanton CEO, Communications Alliance on The enablers and inhibitors for a valuable IoT environment

Salah Sukkarieh Director of Research & Innovation, Australian Centre for Field Robotics on Field robotics, intelligent sensors and big data for future horticulture enterprises

Moderator: Andrew Stead Director New Ventures, NICTA

Connected living

Room North West

Mara Bun Non-Executive Director, Green Cross Australia on Creating resilient cities by disrupting energy and water grids

Michael Georgeff CEO, Precedence Health Care on how health will be changed by technology

Brad Howarth on Broadband in the bush

Pia Waugh on Government as a platform

Chris Winter on connected communities

Moderator: Liza Noonan General Manager, Springboard Enterprises

Did we build the internet we want?

Room North

Mark Armstrong Director, Network Insight Institute on The internet: A boundless community?

Roger Clarke on Will the Internet survive moral minorities, copyright supremacists, fanatics, fundamentalists and national security extremists?

Rachel Dixon Director, Digital Loungeroom on The sharing economy: the new normal

Mark Pesce on Tasks, Gigs and Jobs: Connected Labour in the mid 21st Century

Moderator: Paul Kallenbach Partner, Minter Ellison

Our digital destiny

Room North West

Kate Harrison-Brennan Founder, Global & Smart on What should we expect from the internet?

Rebekah Horne Chief Digital Officer, Network Ten on What will TV mean in 10 years?

Kenneth Tsang on The Data Revolution: How are developers targeting digital natives?

Moderator: Tom Kennedy – Partner, EY

Afternoon Tea
Creative destruction

Leigh Jasper CEO, Aconex on Building a network market

Pippa Leary CEO, Apex on The internationalisation of media

Matt Symons Co-founder and CEO, SocietyOne on The revolution in marketplace lending

Moderator: Paul McCarthy CEO, Online Gravity

You ain’t seen nothing yet

Mike Cannon-Brookes Co-CEO, Atlassian

Luke Carruthers General Partner, 25fifteen on creating a culture of innovation

Martin Hoffman Deputy Secretary, Department of Industry & Science on Funding big ideas: commercialisation and government responses

Martin Hosking Co-founder, RedBubble on The cloud in every silver lining

David Skellern

Moderator: Mike Zimmerman

CLOSE with Drinks and Networking

* This program is subject to change